Abaya 2011-2012 Collection | Simple Abaya by LA REINE

La Reine's creations are designed to compliment the designs, colours and trends of the International Fashion Houses while maintaining the Arab Women's identity and conservativeness.
La Reine's Abaya Collection & Shailas collections are specifically designed to suit a variety of occasions and cultures. An extravagant line for weddings and parties, a casual yet elite line for evening walks in the mall, and a line for the trend-setters who like to show their individuality.
Abaya is a culture for Islamic women and adopted in all over the world by Muslim girls. But now a days Hijab and abaya is becoming a fashion for non Muslim also. Even Michal Jackson “A pop Singer” also wore this abaya. Here we are going to share you some latest abaya collection of Lareine Brand. Lets have a look.

This Abaya is in loose casual style having close neck pattern with baggy style sleeves. The entire format looks so beautiful and perfect. This is a two piece package; Abaya with scarf, and therefore best for this winter season.

This Abaya and scarf is in purely old Arabic format; a loose and free style pattern is being used to stitch this Abaya for 2011-2012. Bell bottom full sleeves are looking gorgeous and the strip work at the edges of Abaya sleeves and on the scarf gives a fancy look. It can be wear in parties as well.

This normal loose Abaya style of 2011-2012 should be very popular because it has perfect outfit for all continents. This Abaya and scarf set have some beautiful stone work which gives this a fancy look. Casually stitched full sleeves have stones at the edges and the scarf also has same sort of stones which gaze so pretty.

This slim fit casual Abaya looks so beautiful and attractive. Little embroidery work and buttons at the bust makes this fancier; this should very popular in South Asia. Close round shape neck with full sleeves looks mind blowing and wonderful.

Lareine design some beautiful Abaya’s for her Abaya Collection of 2011-2012 and use some multicolor scheme. She uses different color fabric to stitch the Abaya at under arms, at cuffs and at the edges of scarf which looks amazing. She used lots of color to give variety in her La Reine Abaya Collection of 2011-2012. All the colors looking sweet, you can select according to your color choice. All the Abaya’s in Lareine Abaya Collection of 2011-2012 are in different famous and in fashion styles. 

Following Abaya styles have unique style; Lareine use thin strip at all over the borders of Abaya which looks so pretty. All the designs and patterns look so beautiful with this modification.

This is a modern style of Abaya and can be used officially in office and university. Professional women mostly like such styles. Overcoat type Abaya gives the same look but stitched with the base. Strip work at scarf and at cuffs along with neck style looks so perfect and gives same unique look to this Abaya style.

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