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Abaya is a social and religious symbol which has been used in different regions of world. Abaya’s mostly has been used in Islamic countries and most of Arabic countries make it compulsory. Abaya is enormous attire that has been used as an upper. To read more about Abaya’s and its different designs please read our earlier articles. Al-Karam Qasdri group is very famous in Abaya manufacturing. They have already launched several Abaya collections for their beloved customers in all over the world. Recently Al-Karam Qadri group has launched their latest Abaya Collection 2013-2014. The collection consists of very high class Abaya’s nourished with thread embroidery and ornaments work. The designers also have produced some fancy designs to wear on parties, weddings and special events. It is now known for excellence and diversity in the design of luxurious Abaya’s. Most of Abaya’s has been made with scarf which is being considered a compulsory. Most of the times Abaya’s are being used casually but today’s collection will give you a choice in variety of designs. All the Abaya’s has been made in black color fabric with silver, red and blue strip and embroidery work. Hope you will like all the designs in this collection. The collection has also superb designs of Abaya’s for college and school going girls. To have a complete sight of these stunning Abaya designs please scroll down to the images….!

Abaya Collection 2013-2014

Abaya Designs 2013-2014

Arabic Abaya Designs

Al-Karam Qadri Abaya Designs

Irani Abaya Designs

Arab Abaya Designs

Colourful Abaya Fashion

Latest Abaya Designs  Collection 2013-14

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